[BioC] utils required for EBarrays

Marcus Davy MDavy at hortresearch.co.nz
Mon Mar 15 21:49:43 MET 2004

You can also try installing EBarrays version 1.0-16 which does not
require the complete development
branch available at Christina Kendziorski's ftp site
ftp://ftp.biostat.wisc.edu/pub/kendzior/EBARRAYS/ .
I have it (installed from the command line) on redhat linux,
> package.description("EBarrays", fields="Version")
[1] "1.0-16"
> package.description("base", fields="Version")
[1] "1.8.1"

no guarantees of success though,


>>> <Arne.Muller at aventis.com> 16/03/2004 12:48:53 AM >>>

I'm running BioC 1.3 and R 1.8.1. I've tried  to install the EBarrays
pacckage from the devel branch, but get the following error:

> install.packages2('EBarrays', force=T)
Note: You did not specify a download type.  Using a default value of:
This will be fine for almost all users
[1] "Attempting to download EBarrays from
[1] "Download complete."
[1] "Installing EBarrays"
* Installing *source* package 'EBarrays' ...
** libs
gcc -I/tgx/soft/lib/R/include  -I/usr/local/include
-mieee-fp  -fPIC  -g -O2 -c ebarrays.c -o ebarrays.o
gcc -shared -L/usr/local/lib -o EBarrays.so ebarrays.o
-L/tgx/soft/lib/R/bin -lR
** R
** data
** demo
** inst
** save image
Error: Requires utils to run properly
In addition: Warning message: 
There is no package called 'utils' in: library(package, character.only
TRUE, logical = TRUE, warn.conflicts = warn.conflicts,  
Execution halted
/tgx/soft/lib/R/bin/INSTALL: line -116:  2881 Broken pipe            
ERROR: execution of package source for 'EBarrays' failed
** Removing '/tgx/soft/lib/R/library/EBarrays'
Warning message: 
Installation of package EBarrays had non-zero exit status in:
installPkg(fileName, pkg, pkgVer, type, lib, repEntry, versForce) 
>From URL:  http://www.bioconductor.org/repository/devel/package/Source

	EBarrays version 1.0-17

I cannot find the utils package, where is it locatd in the BioC
Can I install EBarrays without installing the complete develompent

	kind regards + thank for your help,


Arne Muller, Ph.D.
Toxicogenomics, Aventis Pharma
arne dot muller domain=aventis com

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