[BioC] RMA and quantile normalisation

Arne.Muller at aventis.com Arne.Muller at aventis.com
Wed Mar 3 13:16:43 MET 2004

Sorry, my last posting was incomplete (slipped over the keyboard ...).

I meant that I haven't explored other methods yet, but since the RMA values
are log2, I thought that I'd get something close to a normal distribution.
Comapred to a normal distribution I get many low intensity probe sets.

The values are generated like this:

eset.rma <- expresso(cel, bgcorrect.method="rma",     
    normalize.method="quantiles", pmcorrect.method="pmonly", 


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Arne Muller, Ph.D.
Toxicogenomics, Aventis Pharma
arne dot muller domain=aventis com

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