[BioC] error in getBioC("exprs")

Ben Bolstad bolstad at stat.berkeley.edu
Tue Aug 24 20:34:59 CEST 2004

You can download pre-compiled .rpm for R from CRAN eg.


You should also note that not everybody in the world uses an RPM based
Linux distribution. 

As for installing BioC as a non root user. Try setting the R_LIBS
environment variable  eg for bash

export R_LIBS=/home/myaccount/MyRpacks



On Tue, 2004-08-24 at 11:10, Robert Baertsch wrote:
> While you are at it, can you please allow people to install R without 
> being root?  Our sysadmin will install only RPMs and since bioconductor 
> has no RPMS, all of the R users need  to compile the source for R.
> It is a real pain and many long time R users are frustrated by it.  What 
> do you guys have to do something special? Every other unix app in the 
> world has an RPM.
> RPM good.
> installation scripts bad.
> Get the picture.
> Jeff Gentry wrote:
> >>I've gotten this error a few times. Each time I rerun getBioC("exprs") , 
> >>it get past it and then it happens again.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Yes ... I've gotten a rash of these reports, have not been able to
> >personally reproduce it.  Originally the first couple of people were using
> >Mac OS X, so thought it was a problem specific to that OS, but now have a
> >few people using Win32 and Unix machines.  I'm a bit baffled as everyone
> >is using release side stuff, and nothing should have changed there, but
> >clearly something is not right.  Will let folks know ASAP when I figure
> >something out.
> >
> >Thanks
> >-J
> >  
> >
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