[Bioc-sig-seq] Minimal short sequences position/orientation container

Ivan Gregoretti ivangreg at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 00:33:00 CEST 2009

Hi everybody,

What is the minimal container class for position-and-orientation of
Solexa reads?

For example, the minimal positional information should be something
like a BED record, like this

...(and many more lines)...

sorry for the cumbersome string but I just want to stress that the
minimal information is:

column 1: chromosome
column 2: start
column 3: end
column 6: orientation, either 'plus', 'minus' or undefined. (in this case a '+')

Is there any compact container to load, say, 50 million records? I
thought that RangedData could do that but after reading the
documentation I see that it does not hold strand information.

If there is such container, how do you load it up from a BED file?

Thank you,


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