[Bioc-devel] Participating in the development of Bioconductor

Franck RICHARD |r@nck@r|ch@rd @end|ng |rom w|n@t@r@@net
Wed May 3 18:06:45 CEST 2023

Hello community!

I am the author of several software programs including this astronomy 
program: https://winstars.net/en I recently had the opportunity to 
participate in the activities of a neuroscience laboratory in Madrid. I 
learned how to use Bioconductor and I would like to participate in the 
development of new features (if possible). The researchers in the lab 
complain about the slowness of these tools when used on simple PCs. So I 
wonder if it would not be interesting to integrate Cuda in some indexing 
packages, I think of Bowtie2 or Salmon for example... (there is a 
version of bowtie2 that works with cuda, but it seems old). But the task 
would be very complex I guess. There are simpler things to do, like 
creating a wrapper for Salmon or something like that. What do you think 
would be useful to do at this moment for Bioconductor users?

With my thanks,


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