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Yes, you should make changes on release as well. You can read more about how to do this at https://contributions.bioconductor.org/git-version-control.html#bug-fix-in-release-and-devel.
Chapter 21 Git Version Control | Bioconductor Packages: Development, Maintenance, and Peer Review<https://contributions.bioconductor.org/git-version-control.html#bug-fix-in-release-and-devel>
The Bioconductor project is maintained in a Git source control system. Package maintainers update their packages by pushing changes to their git repositories. This chapter contains several...

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Hi Bioc-team,

I am the maintainer of the HPiP package. The package showed a problem last
couple of weeks and I have already committed changes to the devel branch.
The package is fine now without any errors or warnings in the devel branch.
My question is do I need to commit those changes to the release branch as

Thank you,
Matineh Rahmatbakhsh

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