[Bioc-devel] _R_CHECK_SUGGESTS_ONLY=true

Jennifer Wokaty Jenn||er@Wok@ty @end|ng |rom @ph@cuny@edu
Mon Mar 27 22:14:01 CEST 2023

On March 29, we'll add _R_CHECK_SUGGESTS_ONLY=true​ to our devel 3.17 Linux builder to detect missing package dependencies. You can read more about the motivation behind the issue at https://github.com/Bioconductor/BBS/issues/248.

If you notice after March 29 that one of your packages is failing R CMD check​, consider adding this line to your Renviron.bioc. To reproduce the error, you will need to have a site-library​ directory in your R home directory, so you'll have to reinstall R and make the site-library before you see the error.

To resolve the error, you should identify the missing dependency and add it to Suggests in the DESCRIPTION​ file.

Jennifer Wokaty (they/them)

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