[Bioc-devel] Package "rmspc" failing on Bioconductor devel

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Using the mailing list or the #bioc-builds channel on the community slack are good ways to reach out to the Bioconductor core team. I'll look into the dotnet issues for rmspc.

Jennifer Wokaty (they/them)

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Dear Community,

I have submitted a recent version of the package rmspc to Bioconductor
recently, in order to upgrade it. A prerequisite for the rmspc package is
.NET 6.0. Before installing the rmspc package, the program .NET 6.0. should
already be installed on the user's computer.

I recently received an email saying that the package didn't pass the
platform build check for the host *nebbiolo1*, *palomino3* and *merida1*. I
believe this error may have occurred because .NET 6.0 isn't installed on
these platforms.

Do you know who I should contact about this issue?

Thank you!


*Meriem BAHDA*

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