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Bioconductor and CRAN are closely tied and it is impossible to use a package name that already exists on one of them.  I would say the change suggested something like SpectreSC is appropriate and would be permitted.

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Hi there,

We have an R package we would like to upload to Bioconductor. The package is named Spectre, currently on Github (https://secure-web.cisco.com/1hiTPoFuWsEvN2LI48qk0VQtz2KNqPxBVNh4snEwDNJir1HB-zOnnPAQ4TEJN9EM9IlcFM7J5t51wNVCKUE7elt-6jAKO05PEy9XW4SpnmkNzAbh38Jm6DC8qSvXuY6AR2hnLlr9op4WHVwd75-GDEem7Q1nGrEbpx-Yn5cviasggY9zYftN5UaJg5AFIptL_7G_RXH672IPRvdRvsZe219AINZiWpTLaE3juMhaA8McsfoSXYTntetfDxkpIT_u1ha5tddGwR9AhrSI1ntMznp7vf8TwSng7wsjKryJWl4Vjyc0ZzlKoWr7eInZb6bzi/https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2FImmuneDynamics%2Fspectre). There is no other package on Bioconductor with this name, but one (not ours) was uploaded to CRAN before we managed to get ours to Bioconductor (https://secure-web.cisco.com/1jQY3ladfzNOhhCdzkgJQ6Xbal854KIyqNSRZ6FttGQE907q9WfqjzY98L7Sl8CNdf26eTHzKE08h2hPFj2GNrvItAo93T0IPud8xdpxtvNwcccRktDzGnIGXzIwkuzMkRV1N0B7RHQ3ZGyKNHSGd7FWPA6A1OrPIDggxf_wNKUaYSLocMrvrd97KXMiYZWP0UGgLDtWKrpZkbM52CK8pRw0jA5lfjpN873tumKZ6vXa4Omjwdmh19sXEyDaVw2yWkc8ioar50x4rUArNCFBJG2_KheqOrDc6sOJtFuBRYfn5NNChwXRStuL0W9PI6-ao/https%3A%2F%2Fcran.r-project.org%2Fweb%2Fpackages%2Fspectre%2Findex.html).

We are revisiting this now, to find a way to put our package into Bioconductor. As I understand it, the policy indicates that we cannot use a package name that is already on CRAN, even if it is not in Bioconductor. Ideally we would like to stick with our existing package name -- our package is well known at this stage, and widely used in the cytometry and single-cell communities, so we are reluctant to change it substantially. However, we could make a small names change -- SpectreSC or something along these lines. Would that be acceptable? I am aware the policy discourages names that imply a temporal relationship (e.g. Spectre2 or SpectrePlus), but SpectreSC to me seems distinct enough. Would something like this be suitable

Thanks so much for your help!


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