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I am a Computer Engineering Senior Student from Turkey and I want to
develop a ML model with GDC data.But I am having trouble while trying to
get data with RStudio by using GDCquery. When I try "TCGA-LUAD" there is no
problem. The program works fine but when I change the project to "TCGA-UVM"
or "TCGA-PAAD" I get error messages like "At least one of the chunks
download was not correct. We will retry, Error in GDCdownload.aux(server,
manifest.aux, name.aux, path) : There was an error in the download process
(we might had a connection problem with GDC server).
Please run this function it again.
Try using method = `client` or setting files.per.chunk to a small number."

What should I do? What do you suggest? I will work with
Histopathology data. I uploaded the code that I used to download. Actually
when I add experimental.strategy="Diagnostic Slide"  same problem occurs
for TCGA-LUAD also.


Emre Taşkın

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