[Bioc-devel] CITATION file issue

Kevin Horan khor@n @end|ng |rom c@@ucr@edu
Thu Aug 4 17:14:29 CEST 2022

On ChemmineR 3.48.0 (release) and 3.49.1 (devel), I was getting a 
CITATION error on the landing page like:

Citation (from within R, enter|citation("ChemmineR")|):

Important note to the maintainer of the ChemmineR package: An error 
occured while trying to generate the citation from the CITATION file. 
This typically occurs when the file contains R code that relies on the 
package to be installed e.g. it contains calls to things 
like|packageVersion()|or|packageDate()|instead of 
using|meta$Version|or|meta$Date|. SeeR documentation 
more information.

In the Check result I could see the following WARNING:

* checking package subdirectories ... WARNING
Invalid citation information in ‘inst/CITATION’:
   Failed with error:  ‘there is no package called ‘bibtex’’
   Error in (function (bibtype, textVersion = NULL, header = NULL, footer = NULL,     key = NULL, ..., other = list(), mheader = NULL, mfooter = NULL) {    BibTeX_names <- names(BibLaTeX_entry_field_db)    args <- c(list(...), other)    if (!length(args))         return(structure(list(), class = "bibentry"))    if (any(vapply(names(args), .is_not_nonempty_text, FALSE)))         stop("all fields have to be named")    args <- c(list(bibtype = bibtype, textVersion = textVersion,         header = header, footer = footer, key = key), list(...))    args <- lapply(args, .listify)    other <- lapply(other, .listify)    max_length <- max(vapply(c(args, other), length, 0L))    args_length <- vapply(args, length, 0L)    if (!all(args_length_ok <- args_length %in% c(1L, max_length)))         warning(gettextf("Not all arguments are of the same length, %s: %s",             "the following need to be recycled", paste(names(args)[!args_length_ok],                 collapse = ", ")), domain = NA)    args <- lapply(args, function(x) rep(x, length.out = max_length))    other_length <- vapply(other, length, 0L)    if (!all(other_length_ok <- other_length %in% c(1L, max_length)))         warning(gettextf("Not all arguments are of the same length, %s: %s",             "the following need to be recycled", paste(names(other)[!other_length_ok],                 collapse = ", ")), domain = NA)    other <- lapply(other, function(x) rep(x, length.out = max_length))    bibentry1 <- function(bibtype, textVersion, header = NULL,         footer = NULL, key = NULL, ..., other = list()) {        bibtype <- as.character(bibtype)        stopifnot(length(bibtype) == 1L)        pos <- match(tolower(bibtype), tolower(BibTeX_names))        if (is.na(pos))             stop(gettextf("%s has to be one of %s", sQuote("bibtype"),                 paste(BibTeX_names, collapse = ", ")), domain = NA)        bibtype <- BibTeX_names[pos]        rval <- c(list(...), other)        rval <- rval[!vapply(rval, .is_not_nonempty_text, FALSE)]        fields <- tolower(names(rval))        names(rval) <- fields        attr(rval, "bibtype") <- bibtype        .BibEntryCheckBibEntry1(rval)        pos <- fields %in% .BibEntryNameList        if (any(pos)) {            for (i in which(pos)) if (!inherits(rval[[i]], "person"))                 rval[[i]] <- ArrangeAuthors(rval[[i]])        }        pos <- fields %in% c("dateobj") | pos        if (any(!pos)) {            for (i in which(!pos)) rval[[i]] <- as.character(rval[[i]])        }        attr(rval, "key") <- if (is.null(key))             NULL        else as.character(key)        if (is.null(rval[["dateobj"]])) {            tdate <- try(ProcessDates(rval), TRUE)            if (!inherits(tdate, "try-error"))                 attr(rval, "dateobj") <- tdate        }        else {            attr(rval, "dateobj") <- rval[["dateobj"]]            rval[["dateobj"]] <- NULL        }        if (!is.null(textVersion))             attr(rval, "textVersion") <- as.character(textVersion)        if (!.is_not_nonempty_text(header))             attr(rval, "header") <- paste(header, collapse = "\n")        if (!.is_not_nonempty_text(footer))             attr(rval, "footer") <- paste(footer, collapse = "\n")        return(rval)    }    rval <- lapply(seq_along(args$bibtype), function(i) do.call("bibentry1",         c(lapply(args, "[[", i), list(other = lapply(other, "[[",             i)))))    if (!.is_not_nonempty_text(mheader))         attr(rval, "mheader") <- paste(mheader, collapse = "\n")    if (!.is_not_nonempty_text(mfooter))         attr(rval, "mfooter") <- paste(mfooter, collapse = "\n")    class(rval) <- c("BibEntry", "bibentry")    rval})(year = "2022", key = "_2022"): argument "bibtype" is missing, with no default

As noted, the "bibtex" package was missing. I added it to the suggested 
package list in the DESCRIPTION file, deployed as version 3.49.2, and 
the warning has now gone away:

* checking package subdirectories ... OK

However, the citation error on the landing page for 3.49.2 
still remains. Is that just not getting updated somehow, or is there 
still some error occurring? If there is an error, how can I see what it is?



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