[Bioc-devel] Format roxgen comment (alternative to formatR)

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Wed Sep 22 10:00:56 CEST 2021

Hi all,

From BiocCheck :

   - NOTE: Consider shorter lines; 501 lines (14%) are > 80 characters long.

Most of these lines are roxygen comments.

formatR package says :

Also note that single lines of long comments will be wrapped into shorter
ones automatically when wrap = TRUE, but roxygen comments will not be
wrapped (i.e., comments that begin with #').

Don't tell me I have to do this one line per line. Please.

The other main NOTE is about size of function. So I cut function into
2parts , remove blank line, but it's not adding clarity. I found it weird.
Shorter line should be given as advice before size of lines because then
you try to address function size problem first, and you have to handle size
of lines, that will again may change size function.

Of note, I already post on Bioconductor support but I realised then that
the bioc-devel mailing list might be more appropriate.

Sorry for duplicate.

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