[Bioc-devel] NxtIRFcore build error; missing recently submitted data package NxtIRFdata

Alex Wong @@wong @end|ng |rom centen@ry@org@@u
Wed Oct 20 23:07:03 CEST 2021


My recently accepted software package NxtIRFcore has failed to build /
install because its dependency (experimental data package NxtIRFdata, also
recently accepted) is not yet available on the build systems.

I understand that software packages are built daily whereas experimental
data packages are built Tue/Thu/Sat.

Mindful that the last day for packages to pass checks is this friday 22nd,
when can I expect to have NxtIRFcore built with NxtIRFdata available on the
build system? Given it may be possible for NxtIRFcore to fail build again
tomorrow before NxtIRFdata is built, could the maintainer arrange for
NxtIRFdata to be built first so that NxtIRFcore will not fail tomorrow
because of this missing dependency?

Thanks in advance



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