[Bioc-devel] Package failed build on Windows - couldn't load related ExperimentHub dataset

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Thu Mar 25 23:53:28 CET 2021

Hi Alan,

I just went on tokay2 and was able to manually run 'R CMD build' and 'R 
CMD check' on EWCE and they produced clean output. See below.

So I'm not sure what happened earlier with the SPB. Some sort of hiccup? 
Can you bump the package version again? That will trigger another build 
so we'll be able to see if that happens again.



Here is the output I got for 'R CMD build' and 'R CMD check' on tokay2.
Note that I didn't use the --merge-multiarch flag for 'R CMD check' 
(like the automated builds normally do) so the examples and tests are 
run only once (in 64-bit mode) instead of twice (in 32-bit and 64-bit 

PS C:\Users\biocbuild\bbs-3.13-bioc> .\R\bin\R CMD build 
--keep-empty-dirs --no-resave-data EWCE
* checking for file 'EWCE/DESCRIPTION' ... OK
* preparing 'EWCE':
* checking DESCRIPTION meta-information ... OK
* installing the package to build vignettes
* creating vignettes ... OK
* checking for LF line-endings in source and make files and shell scripts
* checking for empty or unneeded directories
* building 'EWCE_0.99.6.tar.gz'

PS C:\Users\biocbuild\bbs-3.13-bioc> .\R\bin\R CMD check --no-vignettes 
* using log directory 'C:/Users/biocbuild/bbs-3.13-bioc/EWCE.Rcheck'
* using R Under development (unstable) (2021-02-08 r79971)
* using platform: x86_64-w64-mingw32 (64-bit)
* using session charset: ISO8859-1
* using option '--no-vignettes'
* checking for file 'EWCE/DESCRIPTION' ... OK
* checking extension type ... Package
* this is package 'EWCE' version '0.99.6'
* package encoding: UTF-8
* checking package namespace information ... OK
* checking package dependencies ... OK
* checking if this is a source package ... OK
* checking if there is a namespace ... OK
* checking for executable files ... OK
* checking for hidden files and directories ... OK
* checking for portable file names ... OK
* checking whether package 'EWCE' can be installed ... OK
* checking installed package size ... OK
* checking package directory ... OK
* checking 'build' directory ... OK
* checking DESCRIPTION meta-information ... OK
* checking top-level files ... OK
* checking for left-over files ... OK
* checking index information ... OK
* checking package subdirectories ... OK
* checking R files for non-ASCII characters ... OK
* checking R files for syntax errors ... OK
* checking whether the package can be loaded ... OK
* checking whether the package can be loaded with stated dependencies ... OK
* checking whether the package can be unloaded cleanly ... OK
* checking whether the namespace can be loaded with stated dependencies 
... OK
* checking whether the namespace can be unloaded cleanly ... OK
* checking loading without being on the library search path ... OK
* checking dependencies in R code ... OK
* checking S3 generic/method consistency ... OK
* checking replacement functions ... OK
* checking foreign function calls ... OK
* checking R code for possible problems ... OK
* checking Rd files ... OK
* checking Rd metadata ... OK
* checking Rd cross-references ... OK
* checking for missing documentation entries ... OK
* checking for code/documentation mismatches ... OK
* checking Rd \usage sections ... OK
* checking Rd contents ... OK
* checking for unstated dependencies in examples ... OK
* checking installed files from 'inst/doc' ... OK
* checking files in 'vignettes' ... OK
* checking examples ...
* checking for unstated dependencies in 'tests' ... OK
* checking tests ...
   Running 'testthat.R'
* checking for unstated dependencies in vignettes ... OK
* checking package vignettes in 'inst/doc' ... OK
* checking running R code from vignettes ... SKIPPED
* checking re-building of vignette outputs ... SKIPPED
* checking PDF version of manual ... OK

Status: OK


On 3/25/21 12:27 AM, Murphy, Alan E wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am working on the development of [EWCE](https://github.com/NathanSkene/EWCE) which I am currently trying to get accepted to [Bioconductor](https://github.com/Bioconductor/Contributions/issues/1904#).
> Upon sumission checks, there still seems to be a Windows specific issue running EWCE: the run fails to load an ExperimentHub dataset in the vignette from my related data package [ewceData](https://github.com/neurogenomics/ewceData). I think the line causing the fail is:
> tt_alzh <- tt_alzh()
> which corresponds to the function containing (see utils.R in ewceData for more details):
> eh <- get_ExperimentHub()
> eh[["EH5373"]]
> Does anyone know what could be causing this issue? Again to note this fail only occurs on the Windows build and not the mac/linux.
> Kind regards,
> Alan.
> Alan Murphy
> Bioinformatician
> Neurogenomics lab
> UK Dementia Research Institute
> Imperial College London
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