[Bioc-devel] COTAN error on windows server

Silvia Galfrè @||v|@@g@||re @end|ng |rom un|rom@1@|t
Mon Jun 28 10:27:04 CEST 2021

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to fix my release on the Windows server. Last push on
bioconductor gives me this error

riesling1 Windows Server 2019 Standard/x64   WARNINGS
 but when I check the details I found:

Error: Your current architecture is 32bit; however, this version of
Python was compiled for 64bit.
  Use reticulate::install_miniconda() if you'd like to install a
Miniconda Python environment.

I'm missing something or the problem is not my package but the installation
of windows server? Because, from what I understood from the first line the
machine is a x64 architecture but python is compiled for a x32... am I

Thanks in advance for the help
Silvia Giulia Galfrè, PhD

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