[Bioc-devel] handling data.frame namespace

Alice Yue @||ce_yue @end|ng |rom @|u@c@
Tue Feb 16 23:10:39 CET 2021

Hello there,

I am working to update the flowGraph package on Bioconductor and I keep getting an error about a missing namespace for the following code (namely ".I" for specifying the row in data.table):

dt <- data.table::as.data.table(vec)[ , list(list(.I)), by=vec]

a code a got from (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22993637/efficient-r-code-for-finding-indices-associated-with-unique-values-in-vector), it's a faster version of getting the indices of each unique value in a vector.

I had the same problem when I was using ggplot (for column names of data.frames), but in this case I don't know if there is a work around?

Thank you,

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