[Bioc-devel] Problem with my setters on Windows during the build and the check

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Fri Feb 12 09:34:55 CET 2021

Dear community,

When my package is building, I have this  error that I have only on Windows and only for my setters. For example for my setter setExperimentName, I have :

for R CMD check :

  Rd warning: cannot open file 'C:/Users/pkgbuild/packagebuilder/workers/jobs/1830/d043cea2e7e43217f0b1e3db496685374ac7ef8d/conclus.buildbin-libdir/00LOCK-conclus/00new/conclus/help/setExperimentName<-,scRNAseq-method.html': Invalid argument

And for R CMD build :

REDIRECT:topic   setExperimentName<-,scRNAseq-method -> setters.html [ FAIL ]
REDIRECT:topic   setExperimentName<- -> setters.html [ FAIL ]
REDIRECT:topic   setExperimentName -> setters.html [ SUCCESS ]

After several tests, I can say that it is the character "<" to define my setters "foo<-" which is problematic.
Also, I don't understand why Windows wants to open file "setExperimentName<-,scRNAseq-method.html" while the only man page I create for my setters is setters.Rd
I don't have these warnings with Ubuntu and MacOS.

 Has anyone ever had this warning and would have a solution please?


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