[Bioc-devel] Not possible to create runnable examples for package

Kelsey Chetnik kpc4002 @end|ng |rom med@corne||@edu
Tue Aug 10 17:48:21 CEST 2021

I am preparing a package for submission to Bioconductor. One of the errors I got from running BioCheck() was "At least 80%of man pages documenting exported objects must have runnable examples". The way our package is constructed makes meeting this requirement practically impossible.

Our package is designed to create pipelines by chaining functions and saving intermediate results in an object. These functions are not meant to be run in small examples - many require a series of other functions to be run before they can be called. It wouldn't be possible to make the examples runnable without either large intermediate objects that would cause our package to exceed the size limit of 5 MB or long examples that could consist of 20+ lines of code. It would also be very complicated and difficult to maintain these examples.

Is it possible for our package to be accepted without resolving this issue if we provide justification for it?

Thank you,

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