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Perhaps this helps explain things?

> z <- entrez_search("gtr","muscle_weakness", retmax = 99999999)$id 
> any(z %in% keys(org.Hs.eg.db))

> zz <- entrez_summary("gene", z)
> table(do.call(c,sapply(extract_from_esummary(zz, "organism"), 
> function(x) x$scientificname)))

               Apis mellifera                    Bos taurus 
                           11                           118 
                  Danio rerio       Drosophila melanogaster 
                           96                             1 
                  Glycine max               Hordeum vulgare 
                            2                             2 
                 Mus musculus             Rattus norvegicus 
                           20                            13 
         Solanum lycopersicum Strongylocentrotus purpuratus 
                            4                            35 
            Triticum aestivum            Xenopus tropicalis 
                            3                             1 
                     Zea mays 

Apparently, muscle weakness no longer returns human IDs from GTR?



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I am the maintainer for the package nanotatoR. I have been facing an issue for a couple of weeks, where the package is failing in the build stage in all the platform, and throwing an error (attached error report for Linux platform). The error seems to show, that the package is failing at the vignette build stage and looking at the error "None of the keys entered are valid keys for 'ENTREZID'. Please use the keys method to see a listing of valid arguments.", it seems like a org.Hs.eg.db error. I am using that package to convert from entrez id to gene symbol. I was not able to replicate this error, either in my local system nor was I able to replicate it on Travis CI(attached). Is it an issue with the version being used?  Are other people using org.Hs.eg.db facing similar issue, and is there any workaround ?

Please let mknow, in case you have any further questions.
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