[Bioc-devel] Help me check if I push my package to git bioconductor

Xiaowen Chen X|@owen@Chen @end|ng |rom j@x@org
Mon Sep 28 14:40:08 CEST 2020

Hi there,
I have followed http://bioconductor.org/developers/how-to/git/sync-existing-repositories/ to push to both Bioconductor and GitHub repositories.

However, I went to the website https://github.com/Bioconductor, I did not find my R package “epihet”,

  1.  Could you help me to check it?
  2.  When the epihet can be updated on the website https://bioconductor.riken.jp/packages/3.9/bioc/html/epihet.html, since it is related with paper revision, the reviewer will check if I updated R document based on her/his comments
  3.  If I update my epihet later, how can I update Bioconductor?

Still performed the following command?

3.1  git fetch –all

3.2  git checkout master

3.3  git merge origin/master

3.4  git merge upstream/master

3.5  git push upstream master

3.6   git push origin master

Thank you! I will appreciate it.

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