[Bioc-devel] 3.12 builds

Soroor Zadeh hed|yehz@deh@@ @end|ng |rom weh|@edu@@u
Wed Oct 21 19:13:12 CEST 2020

Thank you, Herve, for the update.

For the package msImpute, the latest commit shown on the recent build report points to v0.99.23, which is also the version on git (master devel), but this is not the version displayed on the build report, or the landing page. Do I need to take any actions?

Much appreciated,

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Hi developers,

Sorry that we didn't have an updated report yesterday (Tuesday October
20) for the BioC 3.12 builds. The new report for today is out:


Please address any remaining issue with your packages as soon as
possible. Only two days left! The deadline for packages passing 'R CMD
build' and 'R CMD check' without errors or warnings is after tomorrow
(Friday October 23).

Thanks for your contribution to the project.


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