[Bioc-devel] annotationhub troubleshooting

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This is a known reported issue.  See open issue:


It actually is not coming from AnnotationHub but from interactiveDisplayBase package.  I have reported the issue to those maintainers who have yet to make a fix.

In the meantime there is a user interface at https://annotationhub.bioconductor.org ; it is not quite as convenient as doing it directly in R and having the shiny app but a temporary solution until the underlying functionality is fixed.


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Dear Bioconductor Support Site,

I have loaded AnnotatioHub in R( ver 4.0) using Rstudio (1.2.5042) under macosx (10.15.3) and I am currently trying to retrive bos taurus annotations.
I run the following script :
> ah <- AnnotationHub(localHub=FALSE)
snapshotDate(): 2020-04-27
> display(ah)

And I get the following pop-up window:

DataTables warning: table id=DataTables_Table_0 - Requested unknown parameter '6' for row 0. For more information about this error, please see http://secure-web.cisco.com/1y7T8RYvRdXaKEroMp5RqE-W864wx8bA4RqkxtLVhjHdp2KhK4jzqnGIjdtPnnntfnGaEUiXB24miZ-yVdBx4cqj4fTKNow4ylp8VUlPvPUst3PRsACcgmlEHNkGpZyUUpu0jwqIxdQYY90Ph7OVnHBvS-lzLk_ENuooraLRDLcCQTxuKkGKBt5ZaNx1m3QdEbA8fJU2Kl9akLfsl0KHwOwWSXvnSYipRyVShT3IgCtmE89qMinNP4O05DidJ-zZS4ME7_4nobqStsCWnBjxZiHclEEn6aOmBtfFS2wDbjDBlTfbEjF_noFMZ1EnEXUCY0hHKBP18NxbJhxFp-ZCmlg/http%3A%2F%2Fdatatables.net%2Ftn%2F4

The same script used to work 6 month ago. Is there anything I can do to correct this issue ?

Thanks very much in advance,



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