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Tue Mar 17 21:07:12 CET 2020

The question is a bit abstract for me to understand and it might be better to point to actual code in a git repository or similar... 

Inside a package, something like

fun = function(x, y, ...) {
    c(x, y, length(as.list(...)))

user_visible <- function(x, ...) {
    y = 1
    internal_function(x, y, ...)

internal_function <- function(x, y, ...) {
    bplapply(1:5, fun, x, y, ...)

I think would 'work'.


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    Good day,
    Thanks for the examples which demonstrate the issue. Do you have other recommendations if, inside the loop, another function in the package is being called and the variable being passed is the ellipsis? There are only a couple of variables which might be provided by the user collected in the ellipsis, so the functional approach might still be the best in that case.
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