[Bioc-devel] Class for differentially expressed genes?

Roman Hillje rom@n@h|||je @end|ng |rom goog|em@||@com
Mon Mar 9 11:48:33 CET 2020

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a class for results of differential gene expression analysis. I couldn’t find anything generic. Perhaps it’s too similar to a simple data frame, but I like the idea of having a consistent format. I would imagine something that holds gene names, statistics (logFC, p-value, adjusted p-value), plus optional information, e.g. the percent of cells expressing a gene (in the context of scRNA-seq). This could then be attached to an SCE object (“metadata" slot) to keep all results together. I’m probably making things too complicated and should just use a simple data frame but wanted to be sure that I’m not missing any existing solution. I’d appreciate if you share your advice. Thank you!


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