[Bioc-devel] Dependency files question

Alexandru Voda @|ex@ndru@vod@ @end|ng |rom @eh@ox@@c@uk
Mon Mar 2 12:51:27 CET 2020


Hope this finds you well!

I was told to contact this mailing list about preparing/changing a package for Bioconductor submission.

My question is: How should I store large dependency files - 6GB large (e.g. 1000 genomes reference LD data) - for the package on Bioconductor?

My package wraps multiple methods of cell-typing GWAS summary statistics. The problem is that the methods wrapped by my package require dependency files for analyses to run, and those dependency files are very large. In my github package, I simply made a function that downloads and formats all of the data in the package's system path, in the data folder: paste0(system.file(package="GWASCellTyper"), "/data/")

Link to the package in its current state: https://bitbucket.org/alexandru_ioan_voda/cell_typing_package/src/master/

With best wishes,

Alexandru Ioan Voda

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