[Bioc-devel] Package mantenence QSutils

guerrero murillo, mercedes mercede@@guerrero @end|ng |rom vh|r@org
Tue Jun 23 10:58:09 CEST 2020

Good morning (in spain) to whom it might concern,

I'm Mercedes Guerrero, mantainer of the package QSutils<http://bioconductor.org/packages/release/bioc/html/QSutils.html> . Recently I've noticed that there is an error in the name of one author of the package. I would like to change it, and I followed the "Push to GitHub and Bioconductor repositories<http://bioconductor.org/developers/how-to/git/push-to-github-bioc/>" to change the problem. I see the update in the GitHub page where I uploaded the package (Here<https://github.com/VHIRHepatiques/QSutils>) (Author correction commit), but I can't see any difference in the Bioconductor page. It is normal? There is something that I have to do to change the citation error?

Thanks in advance,


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