[Bioc-devel] lipidr: Unable to reproduce error (possibly from S4Vectors)

Ahmed Mohamed moh@med @end|ng |rom ku|cr@kyoto-u@@c@jp
Wed Jun 17 07:25:51 CEST 2020

Hi all,

My package "lipidr" has been failing checks for a while, giving the error

Error in .wrap_in_length_one_list_like_object(value, name, x) :
  failed to coerce 'list(value)' to a IheatmapPlots object of length 1

(Full report here:

The error seems to originate from S4Vectors package, which lipidr depends
on (indirectly through SummarizedExperiment). However, I am completely
unable to reproduce this error. This is what I did:
- Installed Bioc-devel docker image
- run the faulty example alone, as well as devtools::check(), both without
- Ran BiocManager::install(update = TRUE) to pick up updates not propagated
to the docker image
- I even installed S4Vector from GitHub, just in case the git checkout is
ahead of Bioc.

Faulty example:

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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