[Bioc-devel] Help git package maintaining

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Wed Jan 22 15:08:37 CET 2020

Hi everyone,

I'm struggling to understand how to maintain the two version of the my 
package through git.
This is my first package and you will probably guess that I'm not very 
used to working with multiple branches and remotes.

I've read the documentation and understood that the master branch 
correspond to the devel version of my package and that the RELEASE_X_Y 
correspond to the release version.
I'm also aware of the numbering practices (even/odd) regarding theses 

I tried to fix a bug, and had to ask the maintainer team to fix some of 
the mess I made with the aforementioned version numbers.

Now I'm at the current state in my github branches

* 7ae946b (origin/RELEASE_3_10) update RELEASE version number
| * cf86353 (master, upstream/master, origin/master) bump x.y.z version 
to odd y after creation of RELEASE_3_10 branch
* a724b95 (HEAD -> RELEASE_3_10, upstream/RELEASE_3_10) bump x.y.z 
version to even y prior to creation of RELEASE_3_10 branch
* 160de7a installation commands updated in readme.md

the upstream/RELEASE_3_10 was updated by the Bioc team, and commit 
a724b95 needs to stay that way before I start fixing the bug.
My 7ae946b (origin/RELEASE_3_10) commit correspond to small changes 
(including the version number mess I previously mentioned) that I made.

How can I discard this so that the (origin/RELEASE_3_10) remote would 
fall back to RELEASE_3_10 (a724b95) correct commit ?

Could you provide a safe way to achieve that?

The package name is MACSQuantifyR.

Thanks for your responses,


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