[Bioc-devel] Latest commit didn't update package

David Jimenez-Morales b|od@v|djm @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Feb 10 16:17:49 CET 2020

Dear all,

the latest commit of the artMS package didn't update the package on release
(it should be now 1.4.3). However, it worked on development (now version
1.5.3). I checked the git log and many other packages with commits after
mine went through.

>From the log:

Add select method to remove outliers It addresses the following issues:
biodavidjm/artMS#140 biodavidjm/artMS#122 biodavidjm/artMS#111
biodavidjm/artMS#137 biodavidjm/artMS#139 biodavidjm/artMS#138
<author> David JM <biodavidjm using gmail.com> </author>
<pubDate>2020-02-08 16:43:48 -0800</pubDate>

Would you mind to take a look?

Thanks a lot!

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