[Bioc-devel] Recent change in MultiAssayExperiment for inferred MAE-level colData

Andrea Rau @ndre@@r@u @end|ng |rom |nr@e@|r
Mon Dec 28 10:02:43 CET 2020

Hello Marcel,
Thanks to you for your very useful MultiAssayExperiment package, it has provided a very useful framework that I have made use of in my multi-omic package padma.

I've noticed that padma has started breaking in devel due to a recent change in MultiAssayExperiment (v1.17.3, which is also currently not building on devel) that appears to be linked to a fix for issue #287 (https://github.com/waldronlab/MultiAssayExperiment/issues/287) about inferring MAE-level colData. The problem in padma seems to be in my vignette when an error message of "No matching identifiers found" is returned while subsetting a MultiAssayExperiment object. I'm guessing it should be an easy fix for me in my vignette/example code, but I first wanted to make sure that you're planning on keeping this inference of MAE-level colData in future versions of MultiAssayExperiment or whether this is still somewhat in flux.

Thanks again, and wishing you happy holidays!

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