[Bioc-devel] ndexr fails on vignette build on windows

Florian J. Auer ||or|@n@@uer @end|ng |rom |n|orm@t|k@un|-@ug@burg@de
Thu Sep 26 13:52:56 CEST 2019

Hi everyone,

my package ndexr produces some errors while building the vignette, but
only in the Windows build.

In particular, the error message shows:

Quitting from lines 76-78 (ndexr-vignette.Rmd) 
Error: processing vignette 'ndexr-vignette.Rmd' failed with diagnostics:
argument is of length zero
--- failed re-building 'ndexr-vignette.Rmd'

Seems like it's occurring in the following lines:

```{r, echo=FALSE, results='hide', message=FALSE}
## login to the NDEx server
ndexcon = ndex_connect()

Is there some different behavior in Windows of how the code blocks are
treated? Or is the error occurring within the code?

Have there been some changes on the build server, since the error only
occurred recently without any changes in the package?

I'm grateful for any feedback!



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Faculty of Medicine
University of Augsburg
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email: Florian.Auer using informatik.uni-augsburg.de
phone: (+49) 0821- 598 - 3748

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