[Bioc-devel] Extending GenomicRanges::`intra-range-methods`

Bhagwat, Aditya Ad|ty@@Bh@gw@t @end|ng |rom mp|-bn@mpg@de
Mon Sep 16 10:09:22 CEST 2019

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the pointer to plyranges - looks very useful!

> Maybe a better name is "straddle" for when ranges
> straddle one of the endpoints? In keeping with the current pattern of
> Ranges API, there would be a single function: straddle(x, side, left,
> right, ignore.strand=FALSE). So straddle(x, "start", -100, 10) would
> be like promoters(x, 100, 10) for a positive or "*" strand range.

Cool suggestion, and a really fitting verb :-)
Just slightly modifying your suggestion makes the API fully generic (waaw!), generalizing over left_flank, right_flank, as well as slop:

straddle(leftstart, leftend, rightstart, rightend)

Would it be worth having such functionality in GenomicRanges or plyranges, rather than multicrispr<https://gitlab.gwdg.de/loosolab/software/multicrispr>?

> That brings up strandedness, which needs to be considered here. For
> unstranded ranges, it may be that direct start() and end()
> manipulation is actually more transparent than a special verb.

I ended up using left/right for unstranded, and up/down for stranded operations.

> The functions that involve reduce() wouldn't fit into the intrarange
> operations, as they are summarizing ranges, not transforming them.
> They may be going too far.

True. Actually, the functions would be cleaner without the reduce(), I think I'll take that out.



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