[Bioc-devel] HDF5Array/DelayedArray matrix operations fail on windows

Kevin Wang kev|n@w@ng @end|ng |rom @ydney@edu@@u
Tue Oct 22 08:32:04 CEST 2019

Hi, I am trying to make my package scMerge to be compatible with HDF5Array. While all the checks passed on Linux and Mac, it errored on Windows (http://bioconductor.org/checkResults/3.10/bioc-LATEST/scMerge/). Upon closer inspection, the failures seem to come a test for compatibility of HDF5Array
(the script can be viewed here https://github.com/SydneyBioX/scMerge/blob/master/tests/testthat/test-hdf5array.R). The error message was "non-numeric argument to binary operator” and calls to DelayedArray. I have tried to run this specific line on a Windows machine with Rtools35 installed and there was no error. A similar scenario occurred for sparse matrix (https://github.com/SydneyBioX/scMerge/blob/master/tests/testthat/test-sparsematrix.R) where the error was "'a' must be a numeric matrix”.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Best Wishes
The University of Sydney

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