[Bioc-devel] Best way to locally troubleshoot Malbec, Tokay, or Merida build errors

Odom, Gabriel J g@br|e|@odom @end|ng |rom med@m|@m|@edu
Tue Jun 11 15:25:20 CEST 2019

Hi all,

I recently ran into an issue where my vignettes would build locally and on Travis-CI with no issues, but would fail on Bioc Devel 3.10. I was able to work on some potential fixes based on the command output section of the build report. However, this process has left me frustrated.

- What strategies do you have to test your packages against the Malbec, Tokay, and/or Merida build environments locally?
- If no local options are available, are there Travis or Jenkins options that mimic these environments exactly (or within reason)?
- Or, must I simply wait for the build report each evening?

I'm hoping that I missed a major piece of information in my Google searches.

Respectfully yours,

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