[Bioc-devel] Possible need for a GenomicIntersection package

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Tue Jun 4 18:08:09 CEST 2019


in a lot of the bioinformatics analysis I have to carry out, I end up needing to take an arbitrary number of GRanges objects and flatten them before generating a matrix of all elements that overlap. This is useful for, say, comparing replicates in a ChIP-seq experiment, or caracterizing the types of interactions in a HiC or ChIA-PET experiment. As such, I've written quite a few utility functions around that concept, for example to generate Venn plots of the intersections, querying specific intersections, or plotting heatmaps of correlation.

My question is two-fold: are there already existing packages that already incorporate some of that core functionality, and if not, would repackaging those functions as a package be of interest to the Bioconductor community at large?

Thank you for your time,
-Eric Fournier

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