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Wed Jan 30 11:00:43 CET 2019

Hi Nitesh,

Thank you for your quick answer and sorry for the trouble.
Yes please, I think I'll need some help to fix this. Can you give me some instructions?

Thank you again!



Marta Hidalgo

De: Nitesh Turaga <nturaga using alumni.cmu.edu>
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Para: Bioc-devel; Morgan, Martin
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Asunto: Re: error pushing changes

Hi Marta,

There are a few issues with your repository. Let’s take a look at your commit history.

t/hipathia (RELEASE_3_8)❯❯❯ git log —oneline
d93efc9 (HEAD -> RELEASE_3_8, origin/RELEASE_3_8) Fixing bug in Wilcoxon test
bd245a5 fixing version number in NEWS file
bdfe551 fixing version number after merging
33addfa bumping version and updating NEWS file
2331dac Merge branch 'RELEASE_3_8' of git.bioconductor.org<http://git.bioconductor.org>:packages/hipathia
4686268 Fixing bug in get_pathways_summary when comp is ordered
f5e8ef4 minor adding to vignette
b96521e bump x.y.z versions to odd y after creation of RELEASE_3_8 branch
f7bc056 bump x.y.z versions to even y prior to creation of RELEASE_3_8 branch

The commit b96521e is not supposed to exist on the RELEASE_3_8 branch. It is supposed to be only in the devel (master) branch of your repository. So when you merged, you seem to have merged the master branch into RELEASE_3_8.

So, your RELEASE_3_8 versioning is wrong. As shown, below, your RELEASE_3_8 should just be incrementing after commit f7bc056 where the version number was set by the core team as Version: 1.2.0. The next one should be 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 and so on. The ‘y’ in the x.y.z should always be even.

/t/hipathia(RELEASE_3_8) ❯❯❯ git show f7bc056
commit f7bc056e55a220b8bea8793a9b3b375c0ab66e7a
Author: vobencha <vobencha using gmail.com<mailto:vobencha using gmail.com>>
    bump x.y.z versions to even y prior to creation of RELEASE_3_8 branch
-Version: 1.1.3
+Version: 1.2.0

When you pushed, the current version of your repository in RELEASE_3_8 is being shown as 1.3.1. This is not allowed. I’m investigating how you were able to even pass through the commit hook with the bad version number, but the commit below should have been an indicator that something is seriously going wrong. Particularly the highlighted bits below where there are three version numbers which are being changed, moving ‘y’ from odd to even. The developer should never ever touch the ‘y’ version of number, only the ‘z’.

/t/hipathia(RELEASE_3_8) ❯❯❯ git show bdfe551514f0cf33798c45ae0475ff42eb4285e8
commit bdfe551514f0cf33798c45ae0475ff42eb4285e8
Merge: 33addfa b96521e
Author: Marta R. Hidalgo <marta.hidalgo using outlook.es<mailto:marta.hidalgo using outlook.es>>
Date:   Mon Dec 17 11:14:39 2018 +0100

    fixing version number after merging

index 7b35af2,24c9d19..491fbd6
@@@ -1,6 -1,6 +1,6 @@@
  Package: hipathia
  Title: HiPathia: High-throughput Pathway Analysis
- Version: 1.2.1
 -Version: 1.3.0
++Version: 1.3.1

You will have to fix your last few commits. I can help you revert it back to the previous release, and we can go from there. Please let me know how you want to proceed.



On Jan 29, 2019, at 4:24 PM, Martin Morgan <mtmorgan.bioc using gmail.com<mailto:mtmorgan.bioc using gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi Nitesh -- can you help Marta please? Thanks, Martin

On 1/29/19, 12:20 PM, "Marta Hidalgo" <marta.hidalgo using outlook.es<mailto:marta.hidalgo using outlook.es>> wrote:


   I'm trying to push some changes to the RELEASE_3_8 branch of package Hipathia and I'm getting the following error:

   Agent admitted failure to sign using the key.
   Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)

   remote: Error: Illegal version bump from '1.3.1' to '1.3.2'. Check

   remote: http://bioconductor.org/developers/how-to/version-numbering/

   remote: for details

   To git using git.bioconductor.org<mailto:git using git.bioconductor.org>:packages/hipathia.git

    ! [remote rejected] RELEASE_3_8 -> RELEASE_3_8 (pre-receive hook declined)

   error: s'ha fallat en pujar algunes referències a 'git using git.bioconductor.org<mailto:git using git.bioconductor.org>:packages/hipathia.git'

   What can I do to solve it?
   Thank you in advance,


   Marta Hidalgo

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