[Bioc-devel] Best practices to load data for vignette/tests

Julien Wollbrett ju||en@wo||brett @end|ng |rom un||@ch
Tue Jan 22 14:57:23 CET 2019

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a R package called BgeeCall allowing to
automatically generate present/absent expression calls from any RNA-Seq
fastq files as long as the species is present in Bgee (https://bgee.org/)
The package is almost ready and I am currently writing the vignette and
some tests.

This package can be seen as a workflow taking as input one transcriptome
and at least one fastq file.

My question is how can I import these 2 files to run the vignette/tests?
They are too big to be part of my package.
Can I directly download them from SRA and ensembl (or from my own
server)? Do I need to create a dataset that will be loaded by my package
for this kind of raw and publicly available data?
Do you know if I could reuse some already existing dataset? I am
interested to any best practices infomation.
Thank you for your answers.

Best Regards,


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