[Bioc-devel] Account acivation for Bioconductor Git repository

Christoph Bartenhagen c@b@rtenh@gen @end|ng |rom un|-koe|n@de
Mon Jan 21 10:44:15 CET 2019

Dear Bioconductor team,

I am maintainer of two Bioconductor packages (RSVSim and RDRToolbox), but I am a bit late to the GitHub party. I am very sorry, that I was so negligent when it comes to package maintenance! I switched my workplace a while ago, got a new e-mail address, my old one which is connected to and listed under my packages and my account at Bioconductor has been deactivated. I’d like to finally update that!

And this is my problem and my question is how to proceed:
I need to activate my account for your Git repository, but I can’t use my old e-mail address to login, since I have no longer access to it. I changed my e-mail address on my Bioconductor user profile page, but the old e-mail address is still linked to my login. How can I update my login credentials to my new address? Replace my old address completely? Or can you help me out here?

My profile:
User: Christoph Bartenhagen
old e-mail: christoph.bartenhagen using uni-muenster.de <mailto:christoph.bartenhagen using uni-muenster.de>
new e-mail: c.bartenhagen using uni-koeln.de <mailto:c.bartenhagen using uni-koeln.de>

I need my old e-mail replaced by the new one, so I can use it to login and to receive notifications; such as the ones from your Git repository.

It would be so great and I would be very thankful if you could help me here!
And sorry again, that I am doing this so late!

Christoph Bartenhagen


Experimental Pediatric Oncology
AG Prof. Matthias Fischer
University Children's Hospital
Kerpener Str. 62
50937 Cologne

Tel.: 0221 478 6845
e-mail: c.bartenhagen using uni-koeln.de

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