[Bioc-devel] Version numbering rules and other policies

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Mon Apr 8 16:49:36 CEST 2019

I�ve been further going through the �developer resources� as my package just got accepted. And I have few things to ask/confirm.

  1.  About the versioning scheme (x, y, z). Can we increment �z� by 1 for multiple commits? Does the scheme imply that we only change �z� unless the package has major changes and we bump �x� by setting �y� to 99?
  2.  Speaking of major changes, are we allowed to add/remove dependencies in the later version of our package? Like when re-implementing the functionalities.
  3.  Deprecating/removing a function takes three release cycles but what about adding new functions and making changes to internal functions? Any rules to apply?
  4.  For the remote repo host by Bioconductor, I understand that we have access to �devel� and �release� branches which are master and RELEASE_X_Y so to speak. We can create new features on �devel� branch but only bug fix is allowed for �release�. Am I right on this?
  5.  I now only have �devel� branch available and the build report claims good. Will my package be �kicked out� if the new commits I make fail the build before the release?
Point me out if I got anything wrong. It�s exciting to be able to make contributions to Bioconductor and I want to make my package better, starting by learning the policies.

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