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It can be used currently.  If you remove the .md extension but keep the format in should be recognized.  As described in the ?news help page

     If 'package' is '"R"' (default), a news db is built with the news
     since the 3.0.0 release of R (corresponding to R's top-level
     'NEWS' file).  Otherwise, if the given add-on package can be found
     in the given libraries, it is attempted to read its news in
     structured form from files 'inst/NEWS.Rd', 'NEWS' or 'inst/NEWS'
     (in that order).

Please also note your news file is formatted incorrectly.  from the ?news

     The plain text 'NEWS' files in add-on packages use a variety of
     different formats; the default news reader should be capable to
     extract individual news entries from a majority of packages from
     the standard repositories, which use (slight variations of) the
     following format:

        � Entries are grouped according to version, with version header
          "Changes in version" at the beginning of a line, followed by
          a version number, optionally followed by an ISO 8601 format
          date, possibly parenthesized.

        � Entries may be grouped according to category, with a category
          header (different from a version header) starting at the
          beginning of a line.

        � Entries are written as itemize-type lists, using one of 'o',
          '*', '-' or '+' as item tag.  Entries must be indented, and
          ideally use a common indentation for the item texts.

Please remove the pound sign (# ) from the header entry -  and use "Changes in version"  not "BioCor"

so for example:

# BioCor 0.99.25

* Update Vignette to just output html

# BioCor 0.99.24

* Submit the package to the Bioconductor project

# BioCor 0.99.23

* Add the Bioconductor webhook

Would become

Changes in version 0.99.25

* Update Vignette to just output html

Changes in version 0.99.24

* Submit the package to the Bioconductor project

Changes in version 0.99.23

* Add the Bioconductor webhook

Lori Shepherd

Bioconductor Core Team

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics

Elm & Carlton Streets

Buffalo, New York 14263

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Dear Bioconductor team,

I found that the new R version 3.5.1, to be used with the new release of
Bioconductor, supports the �NEWS.md� files.

I updated my package (BioCor) to use `NEWS.md`. However, on the devel
landing page of the package stills shows the old file NEWS file. This is
consistent with the developer page (

Will this be a requirement or can I keep the NEWS.md file?

Many thanks,


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