[Bioc-devel] Errors in Building AssessORF

Deepank Korandla dkor@ndl @ending from @ndrew@cmu@edu
Mon Sep 10 23:57:54 CEST 2018


I'm the developer of the AssessORF package. For the last couple of valid
builds that I pushed (each with an appropriate version bump), I am getting
the same error from the automated package builder involving code that is no
longer part of my package. Specifically, the automated package builder is
trying to run an outdated example for one of the functions in my package
and failing because the name of the function has changed and because the
data files used in the old example are no longer part of my package. I am
not sure how to resolve this issue on my end as I have pushed multiple
valid builds since I started seeing this error and nothing has changed. Can
anyone help me with this?

Deepank Korandla
Wright Lab, University of Pittsburgh

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