[Bioc-devel] BiocManager and local Bioconductor mirror

Rainer Johannes Joh@nne@@R@iner @ending from eur@c@edu
Thu Nov 8 12:12:51 CET 2018

Dear all,

I like the new BiocManager package with its new possibilities to install specific versions of Bioconductor - but what I miss is the possibility to specify a local Bioconductor mirror from which to install packages. 
Our calculation clusters don't have direct internet access, so I am mirroring CRAN and Bioconductor to local folders that are accessible by the cluster. Previously, with BiocInstaller and biocLite.R, I could install packages from these simply setting options(repos = "<path to local CRAN dir>") and options(BioC_mirror = "<path to local BioC dir>"). Now, with BiocManager this does no longer work. Is it possible to specify a local mirror for BiocManager? And if not - would it be possible to add this possibility?



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