[Bioc-devel] Help for Error "Maximal Number of DLLs reached..."

Yuan Tian tianyuan1991hit at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 12:10:21 CET 2018

Hello Guys:

I encountered an error like "maximal number of dlls reached...". I am
maintaining ChAMP package now, which integrated many other packages in my
research field. I have not updated this package in past 2 months but
suddenly this error happens.

Currently, I think I know the reason is since R 3.4.X, numbers of DLLs in
default R session was set 100. I have tested that using a newly started R
3.4.4 to install and load ChAMP package, *it works smoothly*, after
loading, I checked DLL loaded with function getLoadedDLLs(), then I see
ChAMP used 95 Dlls. I know it's a lot, but some of them are loaded by
ChAMP's relying packages but itself. *However, ChAMP cannot pass
Bioconductor check, thus I suspect Bioconductor checking system does NOT
start a new R session for each package right? Which means it's not 100 DLLs
allocated for each package?*

Currently, I have told my users to modify R environment to allow their R
session with more DLLs. It works but only on users computer, not
Bioconductor checking system. Thus I think I have to reduce dlls used by
current package right? Like removing some relying packages or function. *My
another question is how many DLLs is allowed by Bioconductor check? I think
it's less than 100. But I don't know I should cut it into 80 or 60 or even
50 dlls used.*

It's really disappointing that I need to modify quite a lot of code, and
even could hurt some key functionality of the package. Thus here I am
seeking your help and suggestions here.

Yuan Tian

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