[Bioc-devel] eval() and evalq() of BiocGenerics used in Rcpp causes segfault in some cases

Joris Meys Jori@@Mey@ @ending from ugent@be
Thu Jun 7 10:56:37 CEST 2018

Dear all,

the following issue drew my attention. The new package "conflicted"
manipulates the search path and by doing so, highlighted that Rcpp is using
the BiocGenerics version of evalq() in case BiocGenerics is loaded.
Otherwise it uses the base version.

This is easily fixed in Rcpp by using base::evalq() - ( which will require
all packages based on Rcpp to be recompiled. )

I wondered whether there is code that expects Rcpp to use the dispatching
of the BiocGenerics version of eval() and that would fail after the fix is
applied. Honestly, imho it shouldn't, but better safe than sorry. If you
have pointers, I can check the patch in these contexts and hopefully
prevent possible problems before they arise.

Reference to the issue :


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