[Bioc-devel] Handling larger data in vignette

Sarah Williams @@r@h@willi@m@1 @ending from mon@@h@edu
Fri Jul 27 08:38:42 CEST 2018


I'm preparing a package for submission to bioconductor, but hitting the 4mb
size limit due to examples in my vignette.

I do have a demo toy sized dataset which I use for the bulk of the
vignette. But I wanted to show real-data examples at the end because
approach doesn't work well on toy-sized data.

Conceivably everything except for the 'examples' section would make a
'complete' vignette (but probably not a very helpful one...). I'm wondering
if I should static-ify just those examples? Might hit the 50% runnable
code-chunk limit then though. Unfortunately its a rank-based approach so i
can't really take the top 100 genes for these particuar objects.

Not sure how best to solve this, any tips/suggestions? Thanks!

(The problematic vignette is here:

NB: To make matters worse this is a tool for comparing datasets - so I have
multiples! They are public datasets and I haven't done anything exciting
with them (nor would anyone else want to reuse processed objects) - so I
don't think that I should make a data package.

NB: Using xz compression and some cleanup I got it down to 21mb, from 49mb
- So its not huge but I don't think I can get to <4mb this way.

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