[Bioc-devel] rhdf5 NA's in int32

Stepan Kasal kasal at ucw.cz
Wed Feb 28 15:48:32 CET 2018

I believe I noticed two bugs in rhdf5.

I'm using R 3.3.3 on Windows64, 2.18.0 linking to C-library HDF5 1.8.7

1. problem:

h5read(..., bit64conversion='double')

converts int32 columns to double as well.  I did not expect that the
option would affect 64bit integer types only.
Is this intentional?
Is it documented?

2. problem:

AFAIK -2^63 of type int64 is not a number, it encodes NA.
I would expect that even with bit64conversion='double' or 'int', this
special value silently becomes NA.
(Or am I wrong?  Is this convention generally accepted?)

The warnings "integer precision lost" or "integer overflow" (respectively),
that are triggered by values that are in abs >= 2^53 or >= 2^31 (resp.),
should not be triggered by this special value.

Thank you all for the package,
   Stepan Kasal

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