[Bioc-devel] release build of ChemmineR failing

Kevin Horan khoran at globalrecordings.net
Wed Feb 7 17:37:11 CET 2018

The release version of ChemmineR is failing on windows. It seems to be a
build script issue though, possibly something on your side. The package
was building fine a few weeks ago and I have not modified it. Can you
please have a look? Thanks.

"C:/Users/BIOCBU˜1/BBS-3˜1.6-B/R/bin/Rscript" -e "library(rmarkdown); library(BiocStyle); rmarkdown::render('ChemmineR.Rmd')"
'C:\Users\BIOCBU˜1\BBS-3˜1.6-B\R\bin\x64\Rscript.exe" -e "library' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.



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