[Bioc-devel] Invitation: 01.-03.04.2019 de.NBI CompMS metaRbolomics Hackathon

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Tue Dec 4 12:53:07 CET 2018

[Apologies for cross-posting]

Dear all, 

We would like to invite to a CompMS metaRbolomics Hackathon 
from Monday, April 1st to Wednesday April 3rd. 
The official program will start Monday 01.04. @ 14:00 (but it is possible 
to arrive already on Sunday). The closing is scheduled 
for Wednesday 03.04. @ 14:00, but we can stay in the seminar rooms longer 
(in case some heavy hacking does not allow an interruption).

Aim of the workshop is to improve the interoperability of packages 
for metabolomics (e.g. using common data structures and interfaces), 
combine efforts (use single implementation of common functions), 
create and demonstrate complex workflows by integrating existing tools, 
identify gaps in the metaRbolomics ecosystem that need to be covered. 
We will also have enough discussion time to ponder challenges of the future, 
taking metaRbolomics into the next decade. 

Please register at https://goo.gl/forms/tNmVonsMVR6cEMZn2 for attendance 
and accommodation. In case the workshop is oversubscribed, we’ll make 
a very subjective decision in December based on which overall participant composition 
could advance metaRbolomics best. You can forward this mail to someone 
you consider very important for this hackathon. There is also the announcement 
at https://www.denbi.de/training/466-de-nbi-compms-metarbolomics-hackathon.

For information on travel and accommodation, please see https://goo.gl/Xn7CG3.
Looking forward to see you next year, 

The CompMS metaRbolomics Hackathon team


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