[Bioc-devel] Help with class lost after subsetting.

Charles Plessy ch@rle@-li@te@+bioc-devel @ending from ple@@y@org
Tue Aug 28 06:19:34 CEST 2018

Dear Bioconductor developers,

In the CAGEr package, I created a "CAGEexp" class that extends
"MultiAssayExperiment" without adding new slots, in order to define generic
functions that require CAGEr-specific contents in the colData slot.

Unfortunately, when run in the development branch of Bioconductor,
the CAGEexp objects lose their class when they are subsetted.  Here
is an example:

> CAGEr::exampleCAGEexp
A CAGEexp object of 4 listed

> CAGEr::exampleCAGEexp[,1]
A MultiAssayExperiment object of 4 listed

This breaks examples in the package, as well as existing code.

I am lost on how to troubleshoot this.  May I ask for your help ?

Best regards,

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