[Bioc-devel] web browser support missing in the build system? new package, IGV

Paul Shannon paul.thurmond.shannon at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 20:29:11 CEST 2018

Perhaps my newly submitted package times out because no web browser is available on the build systems?


The build times out on linux and OS X at the “creating vignettes” stage. But since the package is a wrapper around igv.js running in the browser, no vignette, examples or unit tests are possible without a web browser to talk to.

Is this the right diagnosis?  If so, is there a remedy?  If not, I welcome suggestions of where to look.

 - Paul

P.S.  With the next devel build, BrowserViz - the underlying package providing message transport between R and the browser via websockets - should be available on Windows also.  So -if- browser support is missing on the build machines, and -if- it is reasonable to add it, then maybe we can reduce the maintenance burden by restricting vignette/examples/tests to one architecture.

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